Terms, Return Policy


Objects from Mucci shop are not made from serial production.  All items are made by hand.  Therefore, parts of these objects may not be uniform.  As such, they can not be considered defective.  Rather, they are part of a hand made piece.


The photos do not always exactly represent the pieces of jewelry.  Photos on websites don't have the possibility to reproduce the exact color that one sees with the naked eye.  So, colors can seem slightly different.


Objects are made individually and can't be reproduced exactly.  This is especially true of dichroic glass and gemstones.


Prices listed are for the cost of the items.  Shipping, taxes, and insurance are not included unless  specified.


Merchandise can be returned under the following conditions:

Buyer has 30 days to request a refund.

Seller will reimburse 70% of the cost of the item.

Buyer is responsible for payment of shipping.