@ collection Computer Jewelry










Modern and elegant pendant set with yellow and blue cubic zirconium stones in recycled computer part.









Cutting edge and versatile earrings with posts in titanium.  Metal is hypoallergenic and very light.  







Unique earrings in aluminum made from computer components.  The hook is made from surgical steel and is hypoallergenic.  The resistor that connects the aluminum  and hook adds a fashionable touch.






Small earrings in aluminum with orange cubic zirconium with posts in titanium.

The pieces are hypoallergenic and extremely light.








Chandelier earrings using hypoallergenic surgical steel, resistors, aluminum pieces and blue cubic zirconium stones.







Silver attachments thread through the earlobe to create an elegant effect. Both the chain and hook are in silver.  Other parts are aluminum. The stone is yellow cubic zirconium.










Silver attachments thread through earlobes.  The decorative aluminum piece is  from computer parts.

Note the view of these earrings below on our model.




Earring using aluminum  with genuine garnet stones.  Hypoallergenic hook in surgical steel.

Garnet earring in contemporary setting.