Aurelio Mucci was born in Abruzzo, Italy into a family of artisans. 
At the age of 14, he enrolled in the Istituto Statale D’Arte in Aquila Italy where he received the diploma of Maestro d’Arte with a focus in gold work.  He continued his studies at the Istituto Statale D’Arte "Benvenuto Cellini" in Valenza, Italy receiving a second diploma with a specialization in Stone Setting for Jewelery.

At the age of 25 he began to work as an independent professional first in Pforzheim, Germany and then in Florence, Italy for Chopard, Stefan Hafner and other well-known firms that produce modern jewelry.


Presently, Mr. Mucci operates his business in San Francisco.  He offers highly specialized services in pave and micropave, stone setting and engraving of gold and platinum using a microscope.  He also does professional photography for jewelry using devices that he has invented.  


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