Mucci shop, a business operated out of San Francisco, California is the creation of Aurelio Mucci.  Mr. Mucci was born in Abruzzo, Italy into a family of artisans. 

At the age of 14, he enrolled in the Istituto Statale D’Arte in Aquila Italy where he received the diploma of Maestro d’Arte with a focus in gold work.  He continued his studies at the Istituto Statale D’Arte "Benvenuto Cellini" in Valenza, Italy receiving a second diploma with a specialization in Stone Setting for Jewelry.


The original products in Mucci shop are all made by hand employing an Italian style of non industrial casting.  After creating a design in his studio, Mr. Mucci collaborates with other artists in Italy to make 3D CAD projections.  The casting work is done in Florence, Italy by artisans  with a family tradition of making jewelry.  The pieces are then completed in by Mr. Mucci in his studio in San Francisco.